Ford Develops New Crib Simulating Car Rides

New parents know how difficult it can be to get a newborn to sleep, and in many cases, it takes a nightly car ride to do the trick. In response to this, Ford has created a brand-new cot for the little one that is designed to simulate car rides, allowing mom and baby to get a good night’s rest.

Dubbed the Max Motor Dreams, this innovative cot can be activated using a smartphone. When turned on, it produces engine noises, street lighting and a soothing motion that simulates a night-time drive. Through the smartphone app, users can record the lights, sounds and movements of different journeys, which can be reproduced to calm babies.

Max Motor Dreams

“After many years of talking to mums and dads, we know that parents of newborns are often desperate for just one good night’s sleep. But while a quick drive in the family car can work wonders in getting baby off to sleep, the poor old parents still have to be awake and alert at the wheel,” said Max Motor Dreams designer Alejandro López Bravo, of Spanish creative studio Espada y Santa Cruz, which produced the award-winning design. “The Max Motor Dreams could make the everyday lives of a lot of people a little bit better.”

As of now, Ford has no plans to produce the Max Motor Dreams, but as interest increases, this could change. Keep an eye out for future information on our blog.

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