How to Flat-Tow With the Ford F-150

Traditional Towing With the F-150 

Many people purchase a Ford F-150 because of its towing abilities, which is typically used to tow a trailer but can be used to tow vehicles for short distances as well. When towing a vehicle that has all four wheels on the road, this is called flat towing. We'll take a look at how to do this with an F-150 as well as how to flat tow the Ford truck itself.


What's the Point of Flat Towing?

There are three main options for towing a vehicle. These are flatbed towing; two-wheel car towing; and finally, flat towing. Flatbed towing requires a flatbed trailer where the entire vehicle can be placed on. Two-wheel towing uses a kind of dolly that keeps the vehicle's front two wheels off the ground as it's being pulled along.

Flat towing is done with all wheels on the ground and the vehicle in neutral. For this method of towing, you will need a tow bar, which is normally much cheaper than a full bed or two-wheel hitch. That's the main benefit of flat towing; it's often the most economical choice.

Towing Your Truck Itself

For those looking to tow the truck itself, this has not always been possible. The good news is, with most modern F-150 trucks, they can now be flat towed. So, why would you want to haul a vehicle known for its towing capacity? Many RV fans like to have a second vehicle. Once you get to a specific location, you can unhitch your F-150 and use it as a cruising vehicle until you get back on the road for the long haul.

Towing With Your Truck

Towing a vehicle with an F-150 is something that should only be done for short to medium distances. Towing with an automobile in this method causes a certain amount of wear on the tires of the vehicle being towed. It can also put a lot of stress on your F-150 since many models are made with lighter towing in mind.

A Ford F-150 can tow between 5,000 to 13,000 pounds depending on how it is outfitted. For more information on truck configurations for towing, you can always contact the experts at Peoria Ford. When looking for a tow bar for an F-150, a self-aligning, coach-mounted receiver bar is an excellent place to start. This type of towbar gives you more leeway when it comes to how precisely you drive to get the towed vehicle to its destination.

You no longer have to worry about damage to your transmission system or gearbox while flat towing your Ford truck. The F-150 has a neat feature that addresses these issues. If you have a start button, press it without touching your brake pedal. Next, hold down the brake and put your drive mode into 2H. Shift your truck into neutral. Now, rotate the drive knob from 2H to 4L a total of five times. If done correctly, you should see a message in the instrument cluster that says: neutral tow enabled. Leave the F-150 in neutral, and you're good to go.

If you need any further information about this topic, please contact Peoria Ford. We would be happy to discuss the details of flat towing and the towing specs of your Ford F-150 model. If you are interested in getting a new F-150, we will be more than happy to assist you with that as well!

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