How to Pair Your Phone with SYNC 3

Ford Sync 3

SYNC 3: The Future of Multimedia and Driving

One of the greatest advents of our time is the smartphone: an all-in-one pocket PC with access to a plethora of wireless systems and complete multimedia functionality. Unfortunately, people are more and more finding themselves pulling these handy devices out on the drive and paying for it just moments later. Someone surely had to come up with a solution to this dilemma, and Ford responded with SYNC 3: the unified dashboard operating system.

This piece of software is an excellent example of forward thinking. It has one objective in mind: to transform the dash console into a stationary tablet, receiving your smartphone's information via Bluetooth® and centralizing all of your messaging, music and app-related needs on a screen that stays within the conal arc of the driver's vision with their eyes on the road ahead. Yes, you read that right: SYNC 3 is capable of installing third-party apps into its system and providing support for those apps on your smart device.

This is Ford's revolutionary answer to the (almost) timeless problem of driving distracted thanks to a cellular device. With nigh-seamless integration between all of your phone's displayed information and the dashboard display, SYNC 3 is able to optimize how the content is introduced to the driver in order to maintain safe driving habits while the driver interacts with text messages, phone calls and app features.

Pairing Your Device to SYNC 3

The process of connecting your smartphone to your Ford's SYNC 3 system is as simple as connecting to any other Bluetooth® device, be it headphones, speakers or a PC. We'll show you how it's done with a step-by-step walk-through just to show you how simple it is. We'd like to remind you that depending on the specific model of Ford vehicle, there may be small differences in the layout of the SYNC 3 system, but they all follow the same general instructions.

  1. Start by turning on your car and activating the Bluetooth® on your handset. Keep your phone opened on the Bluetooth® settings so you can activate discovery mode momentarily.
  3. Once the dash panel has booted up, tap the Phone tab at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Here, you'll navigate to the System Settings option and tap it.
  7. Find Add Bluetooth® Device and select it.
  9. On this screen, the car will attempt to find your phone. Go into your phone's Bluetooth® settings, which should still be open, and find an option that allows the device to become discoverable. Select this so your car can find the phone, which will be populated on the dash screen once spotted.
  11. The phone and car both may prompt you if you're sure that you want to connect the two. Accept it, and you're all done. From here on, your phone will automatically connect itself to your car's SYNC 3 if the Bluetooth® is engaged when you turn the car on.

Come Try It Out!

Here at our dealership, we welcome you to walk in and inquire about the bevy of great features that you can find on the most recent models of Ford cars and trucks. We pride ourselves on bringing you in to showcase the game-changing software that Ford has brought to the table — or should we say dashboard. We also invite you to call us up at any time to find out more about our offerings and schedule an appointment.

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