Ford Bronco Sport Becomes First Vehicle To Feature Parts Made of 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic  

Ford is now the first automobile manufacturing company to utilize 100 percent recycled ocean plastic in constructing one of their vehicles. The Ford Bronco's design includes harness clips made from plastic harvested right out of the Indian Ocean. The strength of the material they came up with is comparable to petroleum-constructed parts that they were previously using. However, there are major savings when it comes to cost. Not to mention, this is a much better option for our environment.

We are faced with approximately 13 million metric tons of plastic entering our oceans each year. Pollution to the shorelines, our water, and threats to our marine life are just some of the negative effects of this discarded plastic. DSM Engineering is the company that is working with Ford to collect the plastic out of the ocean. After preparation, it is then passed over to Hellermann Tyton for molding.

Ford has used recycled plastic before. The 2020 Ford Escape has underbody shields made out of recycled water bottles. The final product was more affordable, lightweight, noise-reducing, and beneficial to our environment.

Ford anticipates using ocean-recycled plastics in the construction of other vehicle parts. You will likely see transmission brackets, side rails, and much more being made from these recycled materials in the next few years. To stay in the loop, keep in touch with us here at Peoria Ford in Peoria.

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