Ford Marverick  

For many years, drivers have requested Ford to release a small pickup truck in its line-up. The automaker is now in the world of manufacturing a "C-Pick Up," which they disclosed to their investors. The production data was also included in the details that were released. Twenty-one models of the new model have been created as Ford is experimenting with each prototype. The new pickup truck is expected to be named "Maverick."

The new model will likely be manufactured in Mexico at the car brand's plant in Hermosillo. This is currently where the Ford Bronco Sport is in production. It's expected that the new model will be similar to the Bronco and will have the same C2 unibody with all-wheel drive. It will also have the same powertrains, making it capable of tackling similar challenges on the road with plenty of traction under the wheels. Some experts think there may even be the possibility of an all-electric model available. Although the truck may have a smaller size, it's expected to have a towing capacity of 1,550 pounds to ensure it can haul and load plenty of items for more versatility.

Ford Maverick Front View

A Ford fan recently spotted the prototype as it was out in public. The vehicle is assumed to be the Maverick and has a smaller profile than the Ranger. It also featured edgy headlights and plenty of angles on the body, proving it will have sharp styling. One of the most noticeable features was the large grille on the front. It seems like it could be large enough to hold a lot more equipment and belongings than expected, despite its smaller size.

The Maverick photos indicate the new model will likely have a crew-cab configuration with two rows in the cabin to seat four or five people. The car also looks like it had 17-inch Falken Wildpeak all-terrain tires, which the Bronco Sport Badlands also comes with, meaning it could be an optional add-on feature.

Experts believe the Ford Maverick will come with advanced technologies in the cabin and include the Ford Co-Pilot360, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and SYNC. Front bucket seats may be an optional upgrade. Many storage compartments will likely be present in the cabin, which is now included in most new Ford models.

The new truck is anticipated to be released as a 2022 model in the coming year. New updates and information will immediately be posted!