Ford To Invest Billions for America's Shift to Electric Vehicles  

There is a reason for Ford EV enthusiasts to be happy today. The company is teaming up with a South Korean battery company to invest $14.3 billion in the EV development of their automobiles. Part of their goal in doing this is to make it so they can get to a point where half of the cars they sell will be zero-emission vehicles by the year 2030.

This venture will also make it so that they bring 11,000 more jobs to the U.S. Ford knows that it can't get to this goal just from its own investment, however. It will also need help from the government. One of the things it's doing with these investment dollars is creating a huge factory in Tennesee called Blue Oval City.

This massive factory will cover a 6-mile square radius, and it will focus on creating electric batteries that will power a whole new generation of electric pickup trucks. The ope is that this factory will be operational by 2025. Ford and Lincoln EV machines will use these batteries.

Current Efforts

These days, while Ford waits for its other factories to be open, it's currently pushing up production of EV machines in Texas and Michigan, where it has factories. Part of the reason for this ambitious approach on Ford's part is due to the fact that the adoption of electric vehicles in the U.S. is very small compared to the rest of the world.

In fact, U.S. Sales for electric vehicles only make up 2 percent of what is done worldwide. However, this is where government assistance may come in. For example, the government of the U.S. is planning to invest billions in adding new charging points to the country to make it easier for people to charge up. This will make it more likely they will buy these vehicles in the first place, leading to a greener planet.

Additionally, should it be made available, this money will also add to consumer incentives to make it easier for just about everyone to get an electric vehicle if they want one.

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