Detroit Auto Show Debuts New Look for 2024 Ford Mustang  

Ford launched the 2024 Mustang at a ceremony in downtown Detroit. The new 2024 Mustang is an exciting new chapter in the long and legendary history of the sports coupe. It will be available in a variety of pricing ranges and performance levels.

A Whole New Interior Design

The seventh-generation Mustang's interior is the most sophisticated and driver-focused cabin to date. The two screens in the cockpit, which look like those in a fighter plane, can be changed instantly to show the driver the information they need to see.

The 12.4-inch computerized gauge cluster is capable of showing dynamic patterns and visuals that change depending on the vehicle's driving mode. When selecting a driving style, the car's current configuration is shown in real-time on the center stack. You can change it in the usual game-like way by swiping the image to digitally spin the car.

Besides its more rugged exterior and historical characteristics, there are more personalization options. The 2024 Mustang combines classic elements with contemporary touches to attract more clients.

Its wide front is reinforced by the low, straight brow. The top grille takes its shape from the classic model from the 1960s. Also, the Tri-Bar LED headlights maintain the Mustang's distinctive lighting style. It has a sleek roofline, a wide running stance, and a reduced rear overhang, much like the original version. However, in true Mustang fashion, the rear haunches are stretched to emphasize the control over the wheels.

The Mustang Design Series debuted with the 2024 model and offered more customization possibilities. The GT and EcoBoost cars are eligible for the Bronze Design Series. It includes bronze alloy wheels with a bronze emblem.

Innovative and Powerful Engine

The 2024 Mustang's look, performance, and sound compel buyers to get behind the wheel. The all-new Mustang's groundbreaking engine advancements provide a more thrilling driving experience.

The Mustang GT is where it all begins, thanks to its enhanced Coyote 5.0-liter V8 engine. Expect the 5.0-liter engine to produce the most turbocharged performance of any Mustang GT. Lower induction loss is achieved by increased airflow thanks to the twin air intake boxes.

Ford will manufacture the new Mustang in Flat Rock, Michigan. Stop by our dealership or contact us for more information on the 2024 Ford Mustang.