2023 Ford Mustang Exterior

What's New for the 2023 Ford Mustang?

The all-new 2023 Ford Mustang has been redesigned! It now has an aerodynamic look, with a sloping roofline and a sporty rear end. The interior has also been redesigned with a new dashboard, a center console, and seats. The Mustang is now available with multiple engines, including a V8 engine.

What Are the 2023 Ford Mustang Trims & Features?

The all-new 2023 Ford Mustang has five different trim levels. The base trim is the EcoBoost, and it comes with a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The EcoBoost Premium has a more powerful engine. The GT and GT Premium has a 5.0-liter V8 engine. The GT Premium has some additional features. Mach 1 is a high-performance trim.

2023 Ford Mustang Interior

How Much Horsepower Does the 2023 Ford Mustang Have?

The 2023 Ford Mustang comes standard with a turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder that produces 310 horsepower. The engine provides plenty of power and good fuel economy.

Another option is the 330 horsepower High-Performance package. The GT models have a V-8 with an optional active exhaust.

It produces 450 horsepower. The Mach 1 has the Shelby Mustang chassis, and its V8 engine produces 470 horsepower.

What Safety Features Does the 2023 Ford Mustang Include?

The 2023 Ford Mustang comes packed with a variety of safety features. These features are designed to help keep you safe and secure while you're behind the wheel. Some features include a rearview camera, blind-spot monitoring, and traction control.

The rearview camera is for keeping an eye on what's behind you. It comes in handy when you're backing up or trying to park in a tight spot. The blind-spot monitoring system helps you avoid accidents by warning you when there's a car in your blind spot. And the traction control system helps keep you from losing control of your vehicle in slippery conditions.

So if you're looking for a safe and secure ride, the 2023 Ford Mustang is a great choice.

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