Ford Lease Returns

Welcome back to Peoria Ford! Now that the end of your auto lease term is approaching, you may be curious about what your options are. Our valued customers have numerous factors to consider when deciding what their best move is, and the good news is that there may be several end-of-lease options available to you at this time. Before your lease is up, head to our convenient location to explore the options in detail while our team completes the required final inspection. These are some of the end-of-lease possibilities that may be available to you.

Take Home a New Ford

Leasing a Ford comes with many benefits, and one of these benefits is the convenient ability to upgrade to the latest model at the end of each lease term. Now that the end of your lease is approaching, check out our current inventory to learn about the latest features available. Each year, Ford updates many of its models with fresh designs, innovative features, and performance upgrades. These may be improvements that you want to take advantage of by signing a lease on a new Ford. We may even have a new model in our lineup that was not offered when you signed your last lease. Check out today's lineup online, and then stop by our Peoria dealership in person at your convenience to test drive some of your top picks.

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Continue Leasing Your Ford

Super Duty Technology

You could continue to take advantage of the benefits of auto leasing without turning in the Ford that you know and love. Many of our Ford customers are satisfied with all aspects of their current vehicle, and they feel comfortable driving around Peoria in it. You may be able to sign a new lease to extend your time in your current vehicle. At the end of your lease, you can enjoy the convenience of turning your Ford into us or exploring other end-of-lease options.

Purchase Your Ford

Do you want to drive your Ford for many more years? Extending the lease on a Ford that you love is not always the right move for some of our valued Ford drivers. Pay the outstanding balance on your vehicle with a new auto loan or with cash to take advantage of the benefits of vehicle ownership. Buying a Ford has financial benefits and lets you continue to drive the vehicle that you know and love indefinitely. Visit our Ford dealership in Peoria to discuss your options with our sales team.

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