Ford F-150 Interior

Peoria Ford wants car owners to be informed about maintenance issues. Have you noticed an unpleasant smell in your vehicle? Some smells can be a sign that your vehicle has a mechanical issue. Here are some common car odors and the problems that can cause them.

Sulfur or Rotten Eggs

Small amounts of sulfur in gasoline can cause the unpleasant smell of rotten eggs in your car. Your car's catalytic converter may not be doing its job. Hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust can be indicative of serious problems that need attention.

Burned Rubber

Several issues can cause the smell of burned rubber in your car. The drive belt or other belts on your car may be worn. There may also be an oil leak. You should seek professional assistance when you encounter this car smell. Your service professional might be able to fix a small problem before it gets worse.


The smell of maple syrup is a telltale sign that your car is leaking coolant. There may be a leak around the intake manifold, or you could have a radiator cap that isn't sealing properly. Any of these problems merit immediate attention.

Burned Carpet

The smell of burned carpet is very distinct. It smells like an electrical burn in some cases, and it almost always comes from the brakes. Your brake pads could be worn, and you should have your vehicle inspected before the brakes begin to fail.

Gym Clothes

The smell of musky exercise wear is often coming from the air conditioning system. Mold and mildew can begin to grow in the air conditioning vents. This area is damp and dark, making it a perfect breeding ground for mildew. Mold can cause health issues, so make sure this problem is handled promptly.


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