2020 Ford Fusion

Some sounds are certainly a normal part of daily driving, but others may indicate potential issues. If you hear unusual noises coming from major parts like the brakes and engine, it's time to have your vehicle evaluated by a professional mechanic. At Peoria Ford, we want to keep our customers well-informed about their vehicles. Check out the list below of various sounds and what each sound may indicate about your car's health.

Squeaky Brakes

Squeaking brakes can be due to a number of possible causes. It might mean that a part of the braking system is worn out, such as the brake pads. The brake pads can cause squeaking if their layer of protective lining wears out. The brake parts may also simply need to be adjusted, cleaned, or lubricated. A professional mechanic can identify the underlying cause of your car's squeaking brakes.

Engine Rattling

A rattling engine can usually be linked to a problem with the ignition system. Typically, the rattling happens when ignition in the engine occurs prematurely. This causes shaking and rattling in the cylinder head. The rattling sound might stop if you switch to a different type of fuel or use fuel of a higher grade. If that doesn't help, bring your car to a mechanic for diagnostics and repairs.

Engine Clicking

Several issues may cause a clicking engine. The clicking noises that you hear may be indicating that the engine doesn't have enough oil. Low oil pressure can be caused by a leak, which means it's good to have a mechanic look at your car for oil leaks. Parts that have gone bad can also produce a clicking sound in the engine. The problem may also arise if the valves are not properly adjusted.

Knocking Under the Hood

Knocking sounds coming from beneath the hood can point to a few possible issues, including a worn crankshaft or a transmission that has gone bad. Both problems can quickly get worse and will need a mechanic's eye to check for significant issues.

Engine Squealing

A squealing engine may be due to a problem with an accessory, such as the water pump, idler bearing, or alternator. Usually, the squealing noise can be traced to a roller bearing that has gone bad. Alternatively, it could be an issue related to the serpentine belt being worn down from friction.

If your car is making odd noises, contact our expert staff at Peoria Ford for repairs today.


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