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Reducing the amount of heat built up in your engine is very important if you're looking to protect your investment in a new vehicle from Peoria Ford. Your cooling system is designed to take care of this for you, but many people don't realize that there's plenty that can go wrong along the way. Routine service for your vehicle is a way to prevent issues from occurring, but there's everyday wear and tear that you can't always avoid.

When Your Cooling System Doesn't Function Properly

Maintaining a safe temperature within your engine is a very intricate process involving many different parts. Coolant is the main component of this system, and this liquid mustn't leak out at any point. If everything stays intact, heat will be able to be released as you are driving.

Operating Issues With Your Water Pump

The fan belt inside your water pump is used to cool temperatures and move heat away from your engine. It's common for a fan belt to become dislodged from its spot, fans can break, and the overall integrity of your water pump can also be in question over the years.

How Your Radiator Contributes

Coolant is the liquid within your cooling system that absorbs the heat that's being put out, as we already discussed. However, this coolant requires a radiator system to release the built-up pressure that occurs from this system.

Thermostat Issues That Affect Temperature

Coolant flows through your engine and cooling system, but the amounts need to change periodically based on the amount of heat produced. There is an internal valve that will accomplish this process, and we need to make sure that the valve isn't becoming stuck as it moves.

The Importance of Hoses and Belts

Hoses and belts should be OEM produced, so the proper fit is allowing for adequate temperature control. We inspect your hoses and belts with routine service to ensure we know if anything is wearing out or any damage has occurred.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for your cooling system's routine service or have issues with your engine overheating, please feel free to contact Peoria Ford whenever it is convenient for you. We'll diagnose what's going wrong with your cooling system, and we'll get everything taken care of.


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