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Many issues can cause a car to shake when you're driving on the road, which can be startling and make the vehicle unreliable. You may not know if a part is broken or if the engine is having issues. Getting a proper diagnosis is necessary to resolve the issue and improve the reliability of the vehicle. Our expert service team is here to help uncover the issue and improve your safety level in the car.

Worn Brakes

When the brakes wear down after 50,000 miles, they can cause the car to shake and vibrate when you're trying to come to a stop. The brake pads can also wear down quicker if you don't take your time stopping the car. Check the owner's manual to determine when it's time to replace the pads. You can also hire a qualified technician to inspect the parts to determine if they're at the end of their lifespan. It's important to be on a replacement schedule to ensure you're aware of when to purchase new brakes before waiting until the car starts to shake again.

Worn Tread on the Tires

The quality of your tires can also influence if the car is prone to shaking on the road. There may be uneven tread or a lack of air in at least one of the tires, making it necessary to check the PSI. There may even be a few parts in the wheels that need attention. The wheels can feel shaky as the car is in motion if the tie rod ends, wheel ball joints, or bearings need to be replaced or tightened. If you're not familiar with the parts, visit our service center to ensure a technician can determine the cause of the shaking.

Damaged Axles

The axles connect the two front wheels, as well as the back wheels. Because of the location of the axles under the car, they can suffer from damage if they come in contact with an object on the road or if you get into a collision. Axles can make it difficult to control the wheels and can lead to moderate shaking.

Engine Problems

A few issues under the hood can lead to shaking, making it necessary to schedule a thorough inspection of the engine. In some cases, the spark plugs may be damaged or worn down. The air filter is another component that can cause shaking when it becomes clogged with dirt and grime. If it's not allowing enough air to pass through, there can be a lack of oxygen that reaches the engine, leading to more severe issues.

Feel free to reach out to our team today at our auto service center in Peoria to ensure you can diagnose the cause of the shaking on your car.


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