2022 Ford E-Transit  

If you are looking for a van that excels in fuel economy, consider getting the 2022 Ford E-Transit. The Ford E-Transit is the first of its kind, as it brings hybrid technology to the commercial van sector for the first time. The 2022 Ford E-Transit has the same length and style as the regular Ford Transit, and it comes with the same cavernous interior that holds over 483 cubic feet in storage capacity. With the E-Transit, most of the changes lie under the hood. The E-Transit is driven by a hybrid system that combines an electric motor and battery for power. The Ford's interior is made of quality materials, and it also has many options for customization.

The Ford E-Transit is distinguished by its electric mechanical system that provides an exceptional all-gasoline range. Powering the E-Transit is an electric motor that sends power to the back wheels and a battery. The battery helps to provide the motor with the power that it needs to drive the van. The battery has a capacity of 67 kWh, and you also get an onboard generator that provides excess power for all your tools and accessories. The Ford E-Transit gets over 265 HP in power with its engine, and its torque output can reach 317 LB-FT. The Ford also has a responsive accelerator and creates all the power you need for daily driving and towing. Payload is about 3,800 pounds with the cargo van, and it reaches nearly 4,300 pounds if you get the cutaway-style van. Either way, the Ford E-Transit can be charged in your driveway and on the go. If you are charging the Ford at home, you can use a 240V charger to get about 10 miles in range per hour if you drive a low-roof van. The E-Transit can also be paired with a Ford Charge Station that provides more power to give the Ford a charge of 15 miles per hour. Your Ford's battery will charge in eight hours with the 240V charger. On the road, you can stop at a public charging station to charge the Ford up to 30 miles in range within 10 minutes and 45 miles in range in 15 minutes.

The Ford E-Transit is an efficient van, but it's also a surprisingly comfortable and high-tech van. The 2022 Ford E-Transit has a larger display screen than the Transit, a standard 12-inch touchscreen. The Ford also has some advanced safety aids and high-quality materials all around.

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