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Why Millennials Prefer these Ford Models?

Why Millennials Prefer these Ford Models

Millennials and Ford Features

Millennials love their whirling whizbang gadgets, let’s face it. They love taking selfies for social media while holding Starbucks and show off their app-integrated smart cars with Apple and Android Auto. When it comes to Ford models specifically, there are some things that millennials just love unconditionally (#omg #heartemoji #lol).

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Must-Have New Ford Features

60-40 Split Seat Feature

The experts at Ford have been producing iconic and popular vehicles for decades. Ford vehicles enjoy this popularity for many reasons that include constant technological upgrades that improve the driving experience on every level. .

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Power Steering Fluid: How to Know when it's Time to Change It

Knowing When To Change Your Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is a very important component of our vehicle. There is a special hydraulic-controlled system in our vehicle that works with this fluid to complete the steering process. When you turn your steering wheel with ease, this is thanks to your steering fluid. Here are some other signs to look out for if you want to know when it is time to change your power steering fluid, or add more fluid.

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